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Welcome to SEStran

Welcome to the South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran) website

SEStran is one of 7 Regional Transport Partnerships in Scotland. Our partnership area includes 8 local authorities, within an area of 3,180sq miles and is home to 28% of Scotland's population.There is a huge diversity of transportation issues within the SEStran partnership area, from urban congestion to rural public transport and from ferry ports to airports. SEStran aims to address these issues and work towards a more sustainable and efficient transport network.

To find out more about SEStran's work, please click on any of the following links



SEStran Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) Update

SEStran's Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) is the cornerstone of our work. it lays out our vision for the strategic development of transport in SE Scotland up to 2028 and includes a particular focus on links to and from Edinburgh, as the economic hub of the region.


First produced in 2008 the RTS has undergone a thorough update and refresh with the help of our Strategy Liaison Group, which is comprised of officers from the SEStran partnership Local Authorities.


The revised chapters of the RTS were the subject of consultation in early 2015, and the finalised version was approved by the Scottish Government ministers in in July 2015.


The refreshed RTS may be accessed here.


The RTS Delivery Plan may be accessed here


The RTS Executive Summary may be accessed here.




Develop to Deliver- Maximising the role of RTPs in furthering improvements to transport in Scotland may be accessed here.


SEStran Digital Signage Initiative : Extending access to live bus times information 

SEStran Launches BustrackerSEStran

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system will transform bus travel in S.E. Scotland

BustrackerSEStran is a real time passenger information system (RTPI) that uses advanced computer technology to provide updated information on buses as they proceed along their routes.


The system, which is accessible via the internet and a free smartphone app is fully compatible with Edinburgh’s existing RTPI system. Now, for the first time, passengers living outside the city will have access to up-to-the-minute information on local services.


Initially, bustrackerSEStran has been installed on over 300 vehicles operating on selected First Scotland East and Stagecoach services throughout East Lothian, Scottish Borders, Fife and West Lothian, and services between Dumfries & Galloway and Scottish Borders.


Additional services will be added to the system as appropriate. In the longer term, as funds become available, it will grow to include most of the services throughout the south-east of Scotland and integrate with existing and future services in other parts of the country and south of the Border.


To find out more about bustrackerSEStran vist the website here


The free bustrackerSEStran app - SEStranbus -  can be dowloaded :




A leaflet explaining bustrackerSEStran can be accessed here



Forth Replacment Crossing  : Public Transport Strategy

The creation of the Forth Replacement Crossing will enable the existing Forth Road Bridge to be maintained as a dedicated public transport corridor as part of a Managed Crossing Scheme carrying public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. 


The Forth Replacement Crossing Projects Public Transport Strategy may be viewed here.


To find out more about the project, visit the Transport Scotland website here.



SEStran Park & Ride Website

SEStran’s Park & Ride Website is a comprehensive guide to Park & Ride services available throughout South East Scotland.


Park & Ride provides a cost effective sustainable alternative to using the car, which helps reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. 

The website helps you locate your nearest Park & Ride service, plan your journey by bus or train, check journey time’s and find out about the facilities available at any site throughout the region.

Click on the Park & Ride logo to the left to access the SEStran Park & Ride website or click here.

Lothian Buses M-Ticket app

Lothian buses have launched a new app which is available free on Apple and Android smartphones.The new app is a first in Scotland for public transport.


Passengers can pre-purchase SINGLEtickets, DAYtickets, DAY&NIGHTtickets, NIGHTtickets and FAMILYDAYtickets straight onto their mobile phones. 


The app also offers a wide range of personalised options including departures times, journey planning and service updates, with innovations such as a ‘stop alert’ for passengers unfamiliar with a route.


To find out more or download the app, visit the Lothian buses website here

One-Ticket: By bus, by rail—or both

One ticket offers unlimited travel by bus and train in East Central Scotland. You can hop on and off buses and trains as you please, with no more fumbling for loose change – just show your pass to the driver.


One-ticket is available in 7 day, monthly and annual tickets online or from any of 600 Paypoint PP outlets across the One-Ticket area.


To find out more on the One-Ticket website, click on the symbol opposite or click here.


SEStran Thistle Assistance Card

The new SEStran Thistle Assistance card is designed to make using public transport easier for older people or those with disabilities or illness.


The card, which is supported by a wide range of voluntary organisations in South East Scotland and by most bus operators, is credit-card sized and comes with a supply of peel-off stickers, which advise the driver of your disability and the help you need in an easy-to-read format.


The cards are available at a variety of outlets across South East Scotland. An app of the Thistle Card is also available to download at the below links:

Android - 

iPhones -


To find out where you can obtain a card at a location near you, please click here.

You may also download a pdf of the text of the Thistle Card in the following minority languges :




**SEStran is making the design files for the Thistle Assistance Card available to appropriate local authorities at no charge.

To find out more, visit the Thistlecard section on the Bus Projects page.


Freedom of Information & Publications Scheme

SEstran's Freedom of Information Policy accompanies our Freedom of Information Publication Scheme, as required by the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. 


Any person who makes a request to SEStran for information is entitled to receive that information, subject to exemptions. In this spirit of openness, section 23 of the Act requires public authorities to adopt and maintain a publication scheme.


The purpose of this scheme is to make information available so that it can be accessed without having to make an individual request.


The SEStran publication scheme is intended to be as inclusive as possible, improving public access to information and increasing public involvement.


To find out more about the FOI scheme, click here


To find out more about the publications scheme, click here


Forth Replacement Crossing

SEStran fully supports the Forth Replacement Crossing project.  


The deteriorating condition of the existing Forth Road Bridge requires a sustainable solution and the new crossing will present significant opportunities for the development of public transport in the area.


You can find out more about the Forth Replacement Crossing project here.


You can also access the Forth Replacement Crossing Refresshed Public Transport Strategy here


To ensure that equality issues are fully addressed, SEStran prepared an equalities Action Plan in 2007. This is regularly reviewed and updated.


SEStran is committed to putting equality of opportunity at the heart of our work to build a sustainable transportation system for SE Scotland,  and within our day-to-day work practices.


To find out more about equalities at SEStran, you can access our equalities documents


  • Mainstreaming the equalities duty here


Accessibility & Minority Language Downloads

All SEStran publications are available in a variety of formats, including large print, braille and range of minority languages.

To access SEStran information leaflets in a range of minority languages,click here.


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