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Date: 16th September 2015

SEStran has been awarded the 2015 SATA achievement award for the Thistle Assistance Card, which is designed to help anyone who has difficulty in using public transport because of age, disability or illness.

The credit-card sized card comes with a selection of peel off stickers, which indicate different types of disabilities, or the type of help a passenger may need. These are then attached to the card, which should be presented to the bus driver, when boarding the vehicle,

The card is supported by a wide range of voluntary organisations and most bus companies in South East Scotland and has been widely copied in other regions of Scotland and beyond.

SEStran Chair, Russell Imrie, said :


“ I am delighted and honoured that SEStran has been selected to receive this year’s SATA Achievement Award. This is a real acknowledgement of the success of the project and its positive impact in helping people who need a little more time or assistance when using public transport”.


“We are extremely pleased that the card has been so widely adopted as a template for similar initiatives elsewhere, which is why we have made the design files freely available to enquirers thinking of developing their own version”. 


“The project is a striking example of the way  in which a modest investment of resources can make a significant impact if targeted in the right way. I would also like to pay tribute to the valuable input of the members SEStran’s Equalities Forum, whose first hand experience of using public transport was key to the production of the card”.


SATA Honourary Secretary, Mike Harrison, added :   


“SEStran is being honoured this year for its success in developing the Thistle Card since its relaunch in December 2011. They took over a project the government started but felt it could not continue with and have made a noticeable impact in a short period of time.”



For further information contact:

Andrew Dougal, SEStran Communications Officer

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SEStran - South East of Scotland Transport Partnership - is one of seven new Statutory Regional Transport Partnerships (RTP) created by the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 and is a partnership of eight local councils covering the Borders, Clackmannanshire, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian, Falkirk, Fife and Edinburgh.