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Date: 17th October 2008

 Report recommends setting land aside for transport development to be included in Dunfermline & West & Fife Local Plan

SEStran’s board has today approved a report which recommends that land should be set aside in the Dunfermline, Rosyth and Inverkeithing area, for future development as a dedicated public transport corridor.

It is envisaged that the land would be earmarked for possible future development of a Bus rapid Transit (BRT) or Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system, which could link in with the planned new multimodal crossing of the Forth.The report, which follows on from the earlier SEStran Integrated Transport Corridor Study (SITCoS), has identified seven areas of land suitable for BRT, four of which could also be considered for future LRT development.

Discussions have already taken place with Transport Scotland to ensure that the study’s findings fit in with proposals for the new multi-modal Forth crossing. 

SEStran Chair, Cllr Russell Imrie said:

“SEStran believes that the future of transportation in SE Scotland lies in developing public transportation as the mode of choice for most people.”

“As the population of the region grows, increasing numbers of people will need to commute to work; many of them to jobs in Edinburgh.  It is vital that we anticipate their needs and ensure that land is set aside that can be used to develop a future BRT/ LRT system. Such a system would link in with the new Forth crossing, as well as offering a quality travel experience for residents of Dunfermline, around the city as it develops and expands”.

“Essentially this project is a good example of future proofing. Quality public transport must be planned for in the long term; which is precisely what SEStran is aiming to achieve in our Regional Transport Strategy. We must prepare, not only for tomorrow, but for the day after tomorrow, to ensure that South East Scotland has a transportation system capable of meeting the demands of the 21st century.”



Dunfermline BRT/LRT Study 

  1. Background and Purpose of Paper

1.1. In February this year SEStran commissioned Transportation consultancy Scott WilsonScotland Ltd to undertake a study into the potential options for a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system – to be possibly upgraded to a Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system - in the Dunfermline/Rosyth/Inverkeithing area, linking in with the planned new multimodal crossing of the Firth of Forth. This follows the recommendation from the earlier SEStran Integrated Transport Corridor Study (SITCoS).  

1.2. A key element of the study was to identify possible land take linked with the relevanttransport systems, for inclusion in the forthcoming Dunfermline & West Fife Local Plan. 

1.3. The purpose of this report is to present the outcome of the study and to seek agreement fromthe Board on how to take forward the recommendations from the study. 

1.4. The executive summary from the report is attached as well as a couple of map diagrams. A copy of the final report will be displayed in the Member’s area and can also be accessed from the SEStran website. 

  1. Current Position

 2.1. The study has identified a total of seven potential BRT sections, of which four could also be considered for LRT. The sections – when connected together – would make up potential BRT and LRT transport networks. Outline plans of the LRT and BRT sections are attached to the report. 

2.2. Discussions have taken place with Transport Scotland and their agent to ensure that the findings of this study fits in with proposals for any new multi-modal crossing of the Forth. 

3. Recommendations 

3.1 It is recommended that the Board:- 

3.1.1 notes the content of the report 

3.1.2 agrees that Fife Council be asked to safeguard land take for the recommended corridors in the Dunfermline and West Fife Local Plan for future BRT/LRT networks 

Trond Haugen 

Advisor to SEStran 

29 July 2008 

Policy Implications : Will deliver towards SEStran RTS

Financial Implications : Could involve significant future expenditures

Race Equalities Implications : None

Gender Equalities Implications : None

Disability Equalities Implications : None   

SEStran - South East of Scotland Transport Partnership - is one of seven new Statutory Regional Transport Partnerships (RTP) created by the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 and is a partnership of eight local councils covering the Borders, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian, Edinburgh, Fife, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire.

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