The SEStran Thistle Card

SEStran has developed the Thistle Card to make using public transport easier for older people or those with disabilities or illness.

The card, which is supported by a wide variety of voluntary organisations in South East Scotland and by most bus operators, is credit-card sized and comes with a supply of peel-off stickers, which advise the driver of your disability and the help you need in an easy-to-read format.

Sharing ideas: no need to reinvent the wheel!

The success of the Thistle Card within South East Scotland has generated a high level of interest from organisations and local authorities throughout Scotland and beyond. SEStran are committed to promoting best practice and are therefore making the design elements available to those who would like to produce a similar card for use in their region.

Using the Thistle Card basic design as the standard will ensure that such assistance cards are commonplace nationwide and, ultimately, that travellers who require assistance when using public transport can expect public transport drivers nationwide to recognise the cards and the symbols at a glance.

Transport Providers: key partners

The success of the cards is dependent upon transport providers participating in the scheme and ensuring that drivers receive appropriate training, so that they may recognise the cards and the significance of the symbols.


Use of the templates is free. However, SEStran requests that organisations and local authorities who use the design templates should:

  • Acknowledge SEStran in some form either on the cards or the accompanying leaflet.
  • Use the individual symbols without alteration as far as is practicable, to facilitate their recognition as standard information symbols
  • Secure the participation of local transport providers prior to development to ensure the successful introduction of the cards.

SEStran would also like to request that a voluntary contribution is made to a regional or national organisation involved with facilitating public transportation for people who require additional assistance when using public transport.

To gain access the templates, please contact

You will then be issued with a password that will enable access to the templates in InDesign format for download.


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